Add-on Packages

Enhance your weatherTAP subscription with extra features.

Standard Packages

   Additional Users

A weatherTAP account may have multiple sub-users with separate login credentials.

additional users

Additional Sessions

A basic weatherTAP account allows a single user to be logged in at any given time, however, you may purchase additional "session tokens" to allow more than one user to be logged in to one account at the same time. When these are added, they are being added to the currently logged in account.


   Real-time Lightning

A basic weatherTAP account includes the complete set of lightning images on the web site as well as basic low-resolution, 10-minute old lightning data in RadarLab®. Optionally you may purchase real-time, high-resolution lighting data for RadarLab®. This optional service is priced based on coverage area and total number of logins allowed for your account.

Once you have added a real-time lightning package, you can change your coverage area by clicking on the "Real-Time Lightning Settings" link within RadarLab® Settings.

Select coverage
Note: Calculated rate is not a cumulative total. Lightning rates may vary based on the amount of users on your weatherTAP account.

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