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WeatherTAP Users Respond

WeatherTAP has provided our agency with a County-wide severe weather alert system. We use the system both during severe weather in the Spring and tracking snow and ice in the Winter months. WeatherTAP is an affordable system that provides Emergency Management Agencies across the Country a fast, live, reliable radar tracking system to prepare ahead of the Emergency and plan resources accordingly.

Jeff Galloway, Director
Butler County, Ohio Emergency Management Agency

WeatherTAP.com is an amazing tool for the Lake Calhoun Sailing School on a lake in Minneapolis where summer weather can turn severe in an instant. With the RadarLab HD, I can pinpoint any storm or lightning activity with remarkable precision. It has played a crucial role in making decisions to allow sailors to venture out on the water when bad weather threatens. We serve over 800 students in the summer ranging from small children to adults and I have found weatherTAP to far exceed other weather detection services in making informed decisions regarding student safety. Highly recommended.

Larry Salzman

Hello Ashlee, I do Forecasting on the radio here in Hendersonville, NC… As a Meteorologist, it is very important to have up to the minute information... I have been with WeatherTAP for over 10 years... Great people and a Great Service... I enjoy using all your services very much. It’s there when I need it, very fast… Thanks,

Paul Speranza

As one of the senior Incident Commanders running Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief missions I can assure you that weatherTAP is up and running in every mission that the Civil Air Patrol runs in Kentucky Wing. Our pilots and staff RELY on it.

Russ Hensley, Maj. Cap-KY Wing
Incident Commander Level 2

WeatherTAP is an awesome product that makes my job as a meteorologist much easier, ...and most important, it is a tool that I can use during severe weather to track tornadoes and give listeners on-air information to keep them safe.

Steve Norris
Radio Meteorologist

At 2:07 today, a tornado formed south of Fort Worth... I was watching RadarLab HD and captured it about 10 minutes before local weathermen let anyone know about it.

Jim Cheshire
Valley View, TX

Now that you've developed RadarLab HD, I don't believe that there is any better product on the market and certainly not at the reasonable price of a weatherTAP annual subscription.

William G. Wheeler
Fairfax, VA

Our teams travel all over the United States, by ground, fixed wing and rotor wing, to bring sick children back to Children's Mercy Hospital. It would be a real detriment to our services to not have weatherTAP...

Mike Weckwerth
Children's Mercy Critical Care Transport

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