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Latest features on WeatherTAP.com

HD+ Just Made it Easier to Add Your Custom Locations

You can, now, look up your addresses for your locations on the 'Settings' page in HD+. This will allow you to input an address and convert it to latitude/longitude and automatically populate the fields in the Custom Locations table. Set up your Custom Locations, today, in RadarLab HD+.

View US Temperatures, Now

WeatherTAP is proud to announce the addition of US Temperatures to our product list. To view the new map go to Current Temps.

The next generation of RadarLab HD - HD+

RadarLab HD+ is the next generation of the RadarLab product set developed by WeatherTAP.com. This version of RadarLab is written in HTML5 and does not require Java but includes many of the features you are used to in the old RadarLab HD, plus many new ones. All you need is an Internet browser that supports HTML5, such as; Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. To learn more about familiar and additional features, go to: HD+ Help or try RadarLab HD+.

Announcing DUAL POL data

New radar data is available on the newly upgraded NEXRAD sites. There are currently four different dual pol products available on weatherTAP. We have incorporated this data into RadarLab HD+ and the main site. The four products currently available are: Differential Reflectivity (Tilt 1), Differential Phase (Tilt 1), Correlation Coefficient (Tilt 1), and Hydrometeorological Classification (Tilt 1). To access the new data, you will need to go to a local radar site that has been upgraded to Dual Pol, then use the drop down menu on the left to view the available products for each radar site.

Snow Depth NOW Available

Forecasted Snow Depth is now available under the NAM Model Data. This new map is a graphical depiction of predicted snow amounts for up to 84hrs. You can check it out here: Snow Depth

A NEW radar site is available

The new NEXRAD site, Langley Hill, WA (KLGX), has now been added to the Local Radar and RadarLab HD+.

RadarLab Mobile Now has Filtering

The radar can be filtered according to the dBz level. To access the filtering option in RadarLab Mobile, click on the 'Settings' icon and then choose a dBz level using the dropdown box near the top of the page. The radar can be filtered from 0dBz to 50dBz.

RadarLab HD Now has Filtering for Lightning

If you have a real-time lightning add-on, you now have the option of only viewing your real-time lightning area. Go to 'Settings' on the RadarLab HD control panel, then the 'Lightning Settings' tab, and check the box at the bottom to 'Only Display Real-Time Lightning Strikes'.

Multiple Email Address on Severe Weather Alerts

Multiple email addresses can now be inputted to receive severe weather alerts. For the area you want to send weather alerts, input as many email addresses as you would like, seperated by commas.

RadarLab Features Now Available On RadarLab Mobile

RadarLab, the popular radar analysis tool on WeatherTAP.com, is now available for mobile devices that support HTML5 such as iPhone, iPad and Android phones. With RadarLab Mobile, WeatherTAP users can plot the current GPS location of the device and allows user to toggle data layers off and on, such as storm tracks.

The interface enables users to simply touch a RadarLab Mobile storm track for storm attributes, such as how fast a storm is moving and the probability of hail. RadarLab Mobile also gives details about watches, warnings and advisories, and shows where storms are headed. Features include up-to-the-minute local storm reports, along with eyewitness Spotter Network data. Users can point their browsers to http://www.weathertap.com/radarlabmobile to begin.

Enhanced Echo Tops and High-Resolution Vertically Integrated Liquid are now available on RadarLab HD

RadarLab HD now includes higher resolution data for Echo Tops and VIL. The color scale has increased from 16bit to 128bit, making the data more accurate on the radar. Also, in RadarLab HD, all tilts for the Base Reflectivity and all tilts for Radial Velocity, have an updated color scale.

Dynamic content on home page

The home page now offers more dynamic content based on your machine's IP. Items such as current conditions, hourly forecasts, a three-day forecast, regional radar, lighting and satellite are displayed, as well as severe weather alerts in the right column as they are issued.

Current conditions from dynamic home page

To change locations, click the blue "Customize" link as shown above. This will allow the user to easily add four additional locations by zip code, and choose one of the four—or the current location—as the default information loaded. In addition, the user may choose to NOT display current weather on the home page if that is their preference.

Model Data now available on weatherTAP.com

WeatherTAP.com now offers model data, enabling users to view predictive forecast maps for up to 84 hours. Meteorologists use this type of data to predict the weather with both RUC and NAM model data. Try it free—no credit card required—just visit http://www.weathertap.com/freetrial and fill out a short form.

Regional lightning views from Canada and Mexico

WeatherTAP.com now offers regional radar views of lightning data in Canada and Mexico. Suggest WeatherTAP.com to your friends. They can try the site absolutely free—no credit card required—by visiting http://www.weathertap.com/freetrial and filling out a short form.

More mobile updates

WeatherTAP.com is now supporting the Severe Weather Text Messaging for Sprint/Nextel in its growing list of service providers. WeatherTAP Mobile is a section of web pages formatted for ideal display on mobile devices. There is no software to download to use WeatherTAP Mobile. All that is required is a regular subscription to WeatherTAP.com, and a device with internet access. Just point the browser to www.weathertap.com/mobile to get started. Users can access all weather images from weatherTAP.com on the mobile device. Each image will be re-sized to preferred image size. Users have complete control over how data is displayed by going to the My Settings page.

WeatherTAP seen on ABC's popular series, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Fans of weatherTAP.com and the popular, heart-warming television series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition were able to see weatherTAP in a professional setting on the Sunday, Sept. 26 episode to see how weatherTAP was used when a rainstorm threatened to knock a project off its strict seven-day schedule.

WeatherTAP seen on ABC's popular series, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

New version of RadarLab HD

A new version of RadarLab HD has been upload to the web site. Additions include: VAD Wind Profile image on the Radar tab Park boundaries overlay and park names overlay Winter Mask can now be set as a default when RadarLab HD launches Age of the Local Storm Reports can now be set from 0-9 hours.

WeatherTAP welcomes your feedback

The entire weatherTAP team meets Tuesdays at 10:00 am to discuss projects in the works, customer feedback, and much more. We welcome your feedback, so please feel free to comment here on Facebook, or for faster service, e-mail us a our webmaster e-mail account.

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