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More details about some of the key features of WeatherTAP Mobile are listed below.

My Favorites

With WeatherTAP Mobile, you can save up to 15 favorites to your My Favorites list. This feature allows the you to quickly launch commonly visited pages and is very similar to the Bookmark feature of Internet browsers. To add a page to the My Favorites list, just browse to the page you want to save and make any adjustments to the image. This includes zooming and panning around on the image until you get to the exact area on the image you would like to be able to view. Then click on the "Add to Favorites" link toward the bottom of the page. This will add that page, including the zooming and panning settings, to your My Favorites list.

Customizable Image Size

WeatherTAP Mobile allows you to set the size of the weather images displayed on your mobile device. This lets the images be displayed at the best possible size for any given mobile device. If you are not sure what image size is best for your mobile device, you can use our mobile device selector to help determine what image size is best. Zooming and Panning Images

You can zoom and pan around on any image that is display on WeatherTAP Mobile. This allows you to have full control over what part of each image you view. Zooming is accomplished by clicking on one of the zooming links listed as "1", "2", "3" or "4". Zoom level "1" performs the least amount of zooming while zoom level "4" performs the maximum zooming on an image. Once you have zoomed in on an image, then you can pan around on that image. The panning links are "Left", "Right", "Up" and "Down".

Time zone Setting

You can set the time zone that you would like valid dates to be display in. The default is Eastern but you can change this to Central, Mountain or Pacific.

Animation Type and Number of Frames

The animation type can be set to either animated GIF or Javascript. The default setting is animated GIF and this will work on most browsers. If you find that your device is not animating the images, then you can select the Javascript option and try it. If you do select the Javascript option, your device will have to support Javascript and it must be turned on before it will work. The iPhone has a size limit set on animated GIF images so it would be best to use Javascript for that phone. The G1 Android phone does not support animated GIF images at all so using Javascript for animation should work on it.

You can also set the number of animation frames you would like to load. Some browsers do not have much memory and you can decrease the number of animation frames to try an get animations to load. The default is 5 frames but it can be any number from 1 to 10.

Font Size

There are 7 different font size that you can choose from. Depending on which size you select, the text on your browser will appear either smaller or larger. The sizes range from "XX-Small" to "XX-Large". Some devices, such as the iPhone, work well with the "Large" or "X-Large" setting.

Image Alignment

You can select which way you want you images to be aligned. You can choose to have all the images be placed in the center of the page or on the left side of the page.

Look and Feel

The Look and Feel affects how WeatherTAP Mobile looks on your phone. The "Graphical Links" option shows links on the page as buttons and works great on newer cell phones such as the iPhone, Android based phones and newer BlackBerry phones. The "Text Links" opiton shows links on the page as text and works better on older phones. Try out both to see which one will work the best on your phone.

Automatic Login

You can have your mobile device automatically login to the website. This option is useful to turn on so you are not always prompted with a login box every time you visit the site. When automatic login is turned on, it uses a cookie to store your weatherTAP login information. For this to work, your browser must support cookies and have them turned on.